Flathead Valley Riverfront Real Estate

When it comes to riverfront real estate, the Flathead River is this region's pride and joy.  It's the longest and largest river in the area.  It also offers the most recreation opportunity as well as an opportunity to own the real estate where it flows.  In addition to the Flathead River, the Stillwater River, Whitefish River, and the Swan River all flow through the Flathead Valley.  Stillwater River starts north, well past the city of Whitefish.  The Whitefish River starts at Whitefish Lake.  The Stillwater and Whitefish Rivers are much smaller than the Flathead River.  They converge with the Flathead near downtown Kalispell.

Flathead River Real Estate

When it comes to riverfront real estate, the Flathead is typically the most popular river to own property on.  The Flathead River has three forks, the Northfork, the Middlefork, and the South Fork.

The Northfork starts in Canada, and flows South in to the United States between the Whitefish Mountain range and Glacier National Park.  This area is called the Northfork River Valley and is home to some of the most spectacular pieces of real estate in the whole country.   The river in the part is faster flowing and more shallow, and is a favorite amongst fly fishermen.

The Middle Fork of the Flathead starts deep in the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex.  Here, public land ownership is impossible, as-is any mechanized travel or any human development whatsoever.  Welcome to rugged Montana!  It flows towards North and meets US-2 near Glacier National Park.  At this point, private land ownership starts to become a possibility.  Then it flows West towards the Flathead Valley where it meets up with the Northfork.

The Southfork starts even further into the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex. It flows North towards and through Hungry Horse Reservoir  where it meets the Middle Fork.  This is where the formal Flathead River begins.

The formal Flathead River has the most real estate for sale.  At this point, the river is still shallower and quicker moving.  Fly fishing and rafting are popular in this portion of the River.

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