Montana is one big, blank canvas for your lifestyle dreams. From mountains and prairies to rivers, lakes and streams, the Big Sky state has every imaginable kind of property you can imagine. When it comes to finding vacant land for your dream property, northwest Montana is one of the most desirable places to search. There are land options from simple living on in-town lots, to rugged living in the Montana country.

Land sales in Flathead County are still recovering from their peak in 2007, but are starting to increase rapidly in recent years. We are currently in a unique time in the market where you can sell your home for a great price, while buying vacant land for a bargain. Check out the full 2018 Market Report for full details

Montana West Realty has a long history of land acquisition, development, and sales in Flathead County and surrounding areas. Since the 70's, Montana West has had a hand in over 50 subdivisions. Vacant Land development costs are often overlooked when purchasing land for your dream home. Items to consider are road and/or driveway construction, sanitation (septic, community septic, and city sewer), drinking water (well, shared well, community water system, city water, and lake water), zoning determination and use, subdivision requirements, flood plain determination, tree planting, harvesting, and maintenance, shoreline erosion and riprap, wetland protection, noxious weed control, agricultural farmland maintenance and uses, and more. The professionals at Montana West Realty have done it all, so you won't be caught off guard by any aspect in your land purchase.

If you're considering subdivision of your vacant land, contact a professional at Montana West Realty for assistance. There are many requirements and a few loop holes that can either kill your project, or make it become a reality. Road access, parcel size, ground water monitoring and/or percolation tests, Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions creation, drinking water, sanitation, and more should be discussed prior to starting the process of subdivision.

Contact Montana West Realty to find out where your piece of Montana heaven awaits you.

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