Dan Evans

Agent/Owner, (406) 250-6168
My journey in real estate dates back to the '99s. I was on the hunt for a cozy abode in Bozeman. Unfortunately, nothing felt quite right, so I explored the possibility of building my place. It was more cost-effective than buying, and I was instantly hooked! Before I knew it, I was knee-deep in multiple real estate transactions each year. However, as much as I enjoyed the process, I noticed a significant communication gap between agents and clients. That's when I decided to take matters into my own hands and acquire a real estate license. Now, I get to be on the frontlines, helping others find their dream properties and effortlessly bridging that gap. Today, I focus on full-time real estate, primarily dealing with family-oriented properties and managing my investments. With a marketing and farming background, my transition to real estate was natural.
I've got a knack for connecting with my awesome clients in the real estate world. It all starts with getting to know them, what they're looking for in a home, and helping them dodge any potential obstacles. I'm all about putting my clients first and ensuring their seamless and successful experience. I'm passionate about making sure my clients are happy and satisfied. Collaboration and thinking outside the box are where I shine. I'm a friendly, approachable person who always has my client's best interests at heart. I'm confident in giving some gentle nudges toward better options perfectly tailored to what my clients are looking for. Despite any challenges that come my way, like a shortage of available properties or sudden market shifts, I'm always adaptable to changes.
In a nutshell, my journey began as a quest for a home and evolved into a fulfilling career guiding others through real estate intricacies. My mission remains steadfast: advocating for clients and helping them achieve their aspirations.

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